Liberation of Taslima Nasrin and liberation of Bangladesh

A country was liberated after sacrificing 3 millions lives, both of men and women. A foreigner army group killed people, killed everyone they saw before their eyes. They raped 200 thousand women, they raped everyone they could catch in their hands. Some local people informed them where the young women were, cause’ they wanted those armies to rape them. They also informed them where the young men were, cause’ they wanted those armies to kill them. They destroyed all the flower gardens, took all the young girls, killed all the young men. Doesn’t it sound like a poem? A famous song of Pitt Sigar? But things were not this much easy, this much artistic. It was like a sudden fall of a night forever. In a deep darkness, everyone was fleeing to all directions they could see with the eyes of them. But someone thought, night can’t be forever, sunshine will come back, but not by it’s own wish. It is we who have to bring the sunshine back again.

Then after 266 days, of sacrificing more than 10,000 lives each day, the sunshine come back. Blood-colored night was gone, and survivors thought, forever.

4 years later, the leader of those someones, who brought the sunshine back, was killed with entire family. Blood-night came back. Years later, again it was gone. Then again came back. Then again went away.

Now it seems like a joke. But the reality is really a joke for this country.

Now, in the name of god, in the name of Prophet, in the name of religion, people of this country is preparing to send the newest sunshine to exile.

One human, who is female in gender, cried and said and screamed- it can’t be allowed to be happened. She is Taslima Nasrin.

They send her to exile.

The name of this country is Bangladesh.


You might have shocked. Is Arabic now the top language of Bangladesh? Yes, it is. Here is a organization named Islamic Foundation, which is organized by those “local peoples” who helped the foreigner military group to kill and rape and then rape and kill here’s people. They have announced, as Arabic is the language of Holy ( I doubt, is it really holy?) Qur’an, so then Arabic is the first language of Bangladesh. Then, number two, comes Bangla. Of course English comes then. Here we are also lucky, because the had not announced Urdu as the number third. There were so many possibilities to make it done by them. Because Arabic is not sufficient, Urdu must be mixed with it to do all works. A little example- in this this so-called holy language (Arabic), there is no “P”. So my nick name, Deep, could not be written in it. So, if Allah himself(if he really exists),calls me, he will has to use Urdu. This means without Urdu, Arabic is disabled. So, then no doubt we are lucky here, because they did not choose the helperlanguage of the so-called holy and divine language. But they had not only announced, but also set signboards where the announcement is written, in front of their own district offices, in front of district administrator’s offices and in front of many places.
In the signboard, it is clearly written-
1. ت,ث‎‎,ا,ب‎‎
2. ক,খ,গ,ঘ
3. A,B,C,D

But this means nothing. Because our mullahs, who teach Arabic, also teach Urdu.
Everyone of this earth knows, we sacrificed our lives to say Urdu goodbye. But now it had came into our home saying “hello”.
Like Urdu, every ideas of Pakistan had came into our home saying “hello”.

We had fought against these Pakistani ideas, this Pakistan, this Pakis.
Now when they says “hello”, we say “hi, welcome to Bangladesh”.

Our liberation war would not have been possible, if it would have started now.
War criminals like Golam Azam, Matiur Rahman Nizami became ministers.
They threw bomb to our Nation’s father’s inheritance, Sheikh Hasina.

But now things are changing. Again the sunshine came back. Soon they will put in to trial.

But it is not enough to hang around fifty men to save the country. We have to give the honor back to them, who fought and still fight for sunshine.

Taslima Nasrin is the only one person, who fights for an eternal sunshine. And not only for Bangladesh, for the entire planet, which is going to be walk on the way of
psychological destroy day by day.

And we threw her out.

Now, we have to bring her back. If we are human, if we believe that telling the truth is not a crime, then we have to bring her back. The time has come. If we want to make our sunshine eternal, then we have to bring her back. We have to give her back her motherland.

We became cruel, when her mother was dying. We did not let her to see her mother. We became cruel, when her father was also dying. We did not let her see her father. We became cruel, when she was attacked. We did not let anybody to go to save her.

Pakistanis were also been cruel. When our mother was dying, they did not let us to see her. When our father was dying, they did not let us to see him. When they themselves attacked us, they did not let anybody to come and save us. Then, we killed them. But she did not killed anybody.

Now the time has come. We have to pay her everything we owed from her.

Now, please, stand arm in arm to give the right back to a freedom-fighter, who fights with her pen, her logic, her ration, her thinking, her real experiences.

If we deny to do so, the sunshine will again provoke us and go away.

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