Antique Cigeretter Kobita

On the first post of my first blog, I am also going to write about my first published book. I gave it a different kind of name- Antique Cigeretter Kobita. Which means- Poem of Antique Cigerrete. It was not the first name I chose, the first was- Manushh-stab. Means Worshiping to Human. But when I wrote the last poem of the book named Antique Cigeretter Kobita, I got a peace in my mind and decided to name the book as Antique Cigeretter Kobita. I wrote the poem in 6th February, and decided to publish a book. But I was doing nothing for publishing the book. 9 days were over. Then, in 16th February, I woke up at morning and decided to do something really. I made a phone call to a publication. They said to me to meet with them. I called my father then. He asked me-everything is well, but where from I will arrange the money? I cut the phone just then. I decided to sell my computer. Then I called my father again. This time he was scared. He asked me, If you sell it, how will I buy another one for you? Don’t do that. I will borrow money. I went to photocopy shop. I photocopied my poems. And then I started to Dhaka. I met with my father at Aziz Market of Shahbag. I went that publication. Before reading my poems, they said that we have to pay atleast 60000 Taka. Because they are so established organization. So they can’t print their books in cheap papers. They suggested me to go to Banglabazar. So we went there. I was asking the people who were sitting at the publications that within a week, which publication could publish a book? Everybody replied – every publisher is busy with his works which are ordered before two or three months. So this is quite imossible to publish a book within a week for any publisher of Banglabazar. I will be best to try next year. I did not loss my hope. That moment my father saw a well-known publication’s office was opening. He went there and asked for solution. I called my Abbu( Anan Zaman, my new Abbu) and asked for suggetions. He said- I think you’re doing it very emotionally. ओने day, people will buy your books with autograph. Why are you so busy? But you can try in Krantik (they published Ahom Tamosay, my Abbu’s second book), their office is at Banglamotor. I said- I love you, visit my home soon. My father was talking about my excellent stubbornness, so I went to there. One of the man, who was sitting on there, said me- you are too young to publish a book. I think you better try next year. Give your attention to your academical studies. There was another one publisher, who was taking tea. He is so famous to all Bengalis. His name is Iftekhar Rasul Jeorge. I don’t know why he took me to his publication, Nawroj Sahitya Sambhar. He agreed to publish my book. This was something more than I wanted, but this was actually what I wanted. He told me to compose the poems and copy them in a CD, then to bring it. I went to my nanu’s home at Pallabi. I bought a software from market named At-e-Falgun. It was working very well, but suddenly I discovered that it was not working for Bangla e-kar! Then I called the engineer who made the software. He received my call at 11:30 PM. He said that At-e-Falgun had been cracked. They made a new software named Vasha Sainik. It is not cracked still now. I can buy it. I promised him to buy it. Then I stopped wasting my times with composing and draw the cover for my book. Next day I went to computer shop and composed all of my poems. They took 750 taka from us. I quickly returned to nanu’s home and copied the documents from my memory card to CD. Then I went to Banglabazar with my father. Iftekhar uncle took the CD. In 27th February, my book was opened by Asad Chowdhury and Jhuna Chowdhury. Jhuna Sir gave me much time. Actually he went there for my request to open the book. Thus my first book was published. Still the sell is not good. But I am not worried about it. I don’t have to sell all my books in a couple of days and then reprint them. When the time will come, I will also be someone, then people will buy my books. I know it very well. The most favorite poem of this book of mine is Hathat Stabhota, then the Antique Cigeretter Kobita. Here is the second poem-

অ্যান্টিক সিগারেটের কবিতা

অ্যান্টিক সিগারেট,

তুমি আমায় দিয়েছিলে ভালোবাসা ……

কত হৃদকম্পন, কত কান্না, কত কাছে আসা-

অ্যান্টিক সিগারেট, বাধ্য হয়ে আজ ছেড়ে দিচ্ছি তোমায়।

তোমার ধোঁয়া আমার দু’চোখে যে জল জমায়,

আজ সে জল ঝরানোর দিন শেষ।

মিছে এই হৃদয়ের ক্লেশ।

দেখো চেয়ে তুমি,

আকাশে আমি রঙিন ঘুড়ি ওড়াই-

মিছে আর কেন তোমার ঠোঁটের মাঝে ধরে রেখে পোড়াই?

তোমায়ও আমি ঘুড়ি করে দিচ্ছি ছেড়ে,

অ্যান্টিক সিগারেট,

যাও তুমি উড়ে…..

বহুদূরে…… বহুদূরে…….

This poem is not on leaving cigerette. It is about leaving the realation with old heart, old feelings of love. Hope you will read this book if you get time. I dedicated this book to Humayun Azad, Rabindranath Tagore and my Abbu, Anan Zaman. Because I love them all. I will publish atleast two books of poem and one of drama written by me next year. I hope your love, even your hate- all will support me. Tamoso Deep 14 March 2009