God commands from the space, blood sheds in the earth

Araz Ali Matubbar, a great philosopher from Bangladesh, asked a question – Where god first created place? What was the place where god was when he first creating place?

This question means, when there was no place, god couldn’t create place then. Because he had to be in somewhere,otherwise, without staying in anywhere, he couldn’t exist.

Here, when we say “place”, we imagine the space. Now, here, if we think clearly,a question will come- where god first created the space? Means what is the start point of the space? But according to science, we know very clearly that space has no ends and starts. Because space is not a place. Actually Araz Ali Matubbar meant space by saying place. He did not meant a location by saying the place. Because we understand
a location or somewhere by saying place. And a location is not endless. Any location starts somewhere as well as ends somewhere also. But since he was a philosopher, he meant space by saying place.

Now return to the point- space has no bounds. Space is a blank, and we can say if this universe is a passage of words, then all the words are in the great blank. Here I meant asteroids by saying words.

So space is just a blank, but not a blank space or blank place. It is the space, so it is not any space which is blank, and it is not a place so that it can’t be a place which is blank.

A blank has no starts and ends.

Even our earth is round, so you can define a start point for it which will also be the end point. But the space is not round, it has no shape, size or weight. It is neither round nor flat, neither big nor small, neither heavy nor light.

So, the question comes here is – what was the start point of space where from god started creating it? If god created the space, he must had to start creating it from a start point. But existing of a start point of space is impossible. So it is also impossible to create space.

All the asteroids are in the space. If creating the space is impossible, then it seems that god couldn’t create the asteroids if there was no space.

The space is another one endless and eternal like god.

God also lives in the space.

So if there was no space, god couldn’t exist, since he could not live anywhere then.

Here a question comes- believers say god can’t be created, then how can it be that there is also one another thing which can’t be created? One another question comes here with the last one- can god create another space?

If he can, then there will be a border line between two spaces must. But how will he draw that border line? Space is not a place, so it doesn’t have a border line. If anyone will start walking from any point of space, he will never return to that point, since space is not round. The more he or she will walk, the more he or she will find only paths and go ahead. Space doesn’t end anywhere. So the border will not be visible. It will just be joined with the present space and it will not be another space so, too. And where god will find new place to create the new space, if there is no place? Can god create space?

The last question takes us back to the first question with which I begun this writing.

And there Araz Ali Matubbar gave the answer in his question. If there was no space, no point to start creating it, then where from god stated to create it? God must had to stay somewhere, and there was no place when god did not create it, since it was not created then. So we have to think that there was a little place where god was staying when he created place, which is just ridiculous since then there was no need to create place again when it was already existing. And also another question comes- what was on all the sides of that place where god was staying? Any place has four sides. So if god was staying in somewhere, it must had to have four sides also. And on every side, there was must something, and since everything stays in somewhere, so those things were must in somewhere, too. And that means there were also some place on the sides of that place. Again those places also must had sides, and on those sides, there were must more places which also had more sides on where there were more places. This proofs that place existed before it was created, which is just impossible if there was anything such place was created. So god need not to create place because it already was existing with uncountable sides and places. This also proofs that space is endless. Because if place or space ends somewhere, then there must be sides after the end point where new place exists. And between those two places, there will be no border also. Because if it had so, then there must would be something such between the two places or spaces, there was nothing. And that is impossible. So god can’t create place or space, because if he starts to create it somewhere, he will see that there there are already new places there where he will create place. So it proofs very clearly that god can’t create space.

If he can’t create a new space, then a question comes- can he create a new universe?
If it is said that he can, then a question will come, where will god create new universe? There is no new place, and also he will not be able to create a new also.
So he will not be able to create a new universe, too. Because the existing universe is already grabbing all the space, and both of them are endless. So now god can’t find new place to create new universe. And creating a new universe also means creating a new place, which is impossible.

Which god can’t create a new universe, how he created this universe? If he created this universe, then he must started creating it somewhere. If so, then again that question will come- where from god started creating the universe? Universe must has to stay in some place, and if there was no universe once, then there was also no place. And before creating the universe, god must had to create the place, because there was no place if there was no universe. And that is just impossible. So it seems that place was already existing before it was created, so the universe was also existing before it was created. Because if there was a place, there was a universe, too. In other words, since place or space was not created, the universe was also not created.
Qur’an says- if god says anything to be, it becomes just then and then(Surah Nahl, verse number 40 : إِنَّمَا قَوْلُنَا لِشَيْءٍ إِذَا أَرَدْنَاهُ أَن نَّقُولَ لَهُ كُن فَيَكُونُ). It was actually taken from Bible. In the beginning of the old testament, god created everything by commanding it to be.

This is also ridiculous, since if anything doesn’t exist, how can it follow someone’s command? Can god command the future staying in present? Is it possible?
God also lives in time. He can’t change it.

And god also have to has ingredients to create anything. In the Qur’an, it is written that god created human-being from blood and flesh. That time he didn’t say that human, just be, and so it became. Here a self-contradictory is founded.

If there is no wood, god can’t create a boat.

And it is against the science to say that if god says to be, it just becomes, too.
If anyone have a glass in his or her hand and if he or she says that he or she wishes a ball to come in that glass, it will never come.

God at least has to has the idea of the thing he will create. Idea is the first ingredient. Can he create idea? How he created the first idea then? He must had to had the idea of creating idea. So if he had the idea of what is idea, then idea also seems to be existed before creating it.

So he can just change the condition of a thing, can’t create it. But we see everything change own condition by natural process. God is not needed to change water to ice. Nature is enough to do it. And in this universe, everything change condition in natural process. God is absent there.

God also can’t create nature, because he has to create nature in a natural way. Where there is no nature, natural way doesn’t also exists. And without nature, god is meaningless.

If god can’t create anything, he also can;t create this universe.

If he didn’t create the universe, then he is meaningless, isn’t he?

If he can’t create universe, how can he be the great lord or the great judge?

If he is not a creator, neither lord nor judge, then he is just nothing. So it is meaningless to believe in a nothing as the lord.

From a huge time, human-being is believing in god. But they have a number of gods-
Brahma, Visnu, God, Ahur-majda, Allah etc. Believers in Allah kill believers in Brahma or Vishnu in Pakistan, and believers in Brahma or Vishnu kill believers in Allah in Gujrat.

When will this bloodshed end? The answer is- until god doesn’t die from human mind, human will die for god.

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