An Anne Frank, A Taslima Nasrin, and a war for having a country of own


I saw her. She was standing by the window, looking on her yellow days. Looking on her yellow life. She was yellow girl. She was Anne Frank.

She was hiding in a secret annex. Nazis came, and took her away. They shaved her body, they imprisoned her. She could not understand when she died.

She was a criminal, because she was born a Jew.

She wrote in her diary, Mich Achterwhish, I am a girl, who has no country.

But it was 1945.

Then, 1994 came.

I saw her again. She was escaping covering her body with a black Chadar. She fled. She could survive this time.

Then I saw her again, in 2008. She was hiding again in a secret annex.

This time, Nazis did not kill her. They threw her out. She survived again.
She was Taslima Nasrin.

She again wrote, but not only about her, for all the surviving women of the world- Women have no country.

We are the Nazis, who made her escape from her motherland. We are them, who did not let her see her father and mother, when they were passing away. We are them, who announced unlimited reward for killing her. We are them, who snatched away her motherland. We are them, who announced- Bangladesh is not for Taslima Nasrin. She is not belong to here. We are them, who imprisoned her in India. We are them, who made her flee from India. We are them, who made her hide in secret annex. We are Nazis. We are man. We are Muslim. We are fundamentalist. We are collaborate. We are Golam Azam, we are Matiur Rahman Nizami. We are rapist. We are killer. We are fascist.

We are Nazi. We are Hitler, we are Bush, we are Osama bin Laden.

War is not over.

Our mother is longing for us, when will we come back to her?


War is over now. We have returned to our mother. Bangladesh is now green again. Again the river is blue. Again the sky is white. Again the air is fresh.

We have killed Pakistanis once again. We have hanged Nizami. We are again the winner.

Again Taslima Nasrin has returned to Bangladesh. Again she is going to book fair. Again she is reciting poem.


How much time it will take to make the dream come true?

A song, dedicated to the upcoming war, from Dreamgirls.

We will not lose the war. We can’t lose the war. We will win again. We will make the dream possible again. Taslima Nasrin will get her country back. Anne Frank will get her country back. We will get our country back.

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৩০ মার্চ, ২০১০ ৯:১৫ PM

khub bhalo hoyechhe Tomoso...carry on!
Taslima sudhu Bangladesher non,tini Bharoter ebong somogro dhormo-niropekhho desher sompod.ami gorbito ei MANUSH er pododhuli deshe porechhe.AnnFrank ditio rup dhore jodi Taslima ese thaken, tobe Taslimar haath dhore ami/amar moto r o anek Taslima uthe asbe somajer gobhir ondhokar theke..aalo jalbe taarai.e amar ontorer bissas.


৩১ মার্চ, ২০১০ ৭:০৭ AM

I'm SARITA AHMED..west bengal India.previously I post another comment(Miss...Charming!)..
again I think to write someting more after reading todays paper, so here it is...
thats really a brilliant job Tomoso!we,the human race if have liberal sympathetic & logical heart then,should stand by Taslima.I wonder why the Monmohon in a dillema about Taslima's Visa.of late, M.F.Hussein issue got much hype by Media..but none pay any heed to the words of general common supporter of Taslima who wants her here,more precisely in KOlkata.
My question is : if That Bold Lady has the guts to face the music,to survive in a controversial & challenging atmosphere..then why the OLD politicians dont have the same??
how many days we have to wait to see a matured India,discarding all its filthy interest on VOTE BANK? we expect much from a Secular,Democratic (!!)country like India...hope UPA govt.will get courage to wipe out all its dillema & a sunshine will come to Taslima's least,It will give me a relief from the unbearable Shame for being a citizen of a secular country!time to shout: "Vote for Taslima..Vote for Humanism!"